In taking a Clinical pregnancy test, is it true that a positive result usually comes quicker than a negative?


I took a pregnancy test a week ago in a family planning clinic and they told me they still don’t have the result. They also said that positive results usually show up early as compared to negative.
By the way, it’s a urine test at a clinic.



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HmMm blood test?? Maybe you should try another clinic…i don’t think it should take that long. Forget all that waiting and anxienty take a home preg test and get quicker results!!!

Good luck 23 weeks it”s a girl!!!


Seems strange….. Do a home test you get the results in a minute!!!!! A blood test i could understand the delay. Just seems very fishy to me.


I had my first pregnancy test done at our local hospital and was told after 5 days that it was negative and was more likely a cyst on the ovary, well that cyst is now nearly 17yrs old and is now sitting A levels (smart cyst) very expensive didn’t realize I would have to dress it and feed it, take it to school also my cyst will talk and answer back wonder what would have happened if I had been pregnant?lol, don’t worry about the result as far as my other tests i did, the home test were better and neg and poss results were just a fast as one another or you might just have a cyst like mine I love my cyst very much. lol


a positive pregnancy test is a reult of the pregnancy hormone found in the urine or blood. sometimes it can take months to recieve an accurate reading. it’s not true that negative tests come back sooner. again it’s a hormone thing.

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The results would be determined a in couple of minutes so there should be no reason for you to need to wait for an answer

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