What is the earliest a pregnancy test has tested positive with accuracy?


I know that by rights the pregnancy test cannot accurately state that it can be used more than 5 days before your expected period, but is it possible to get a positive reading sooner, hypothetically speaking?




i had a positive pregnancy test ….clearblue….equate …first answer….1 week before i should have gotten my period….and i was pregnant but miscarried….its very possible

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Yes because menstrual cycles are never set on stone so you can’t know for sure exactly when to start counting 5 days before your cycle.
If you are trying to conceive don’t rush or stress out about when to test your self the time will come. You can always try to do a blood pregnancy test, they are more accurate and I am almost sure you can tell if you are pregnant earlier than 5 days before your cycle.


I just took a test yesterday (3 to be precise), and that was 5 days before my period should start. All three showed up as positive. Two of them were off brands, and one was a more expensive digital one. I took one 7 days before as well, but got a negative.

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